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Yael Friedman

Throughout more than two decades of jewelry design, I have been constantly examining new forms, materials, techniques, and technologies to create contemporary and innovative jewelry art. This resulted in diverse body of creations that span a range of materials, from precious metals to non-traditional materials such as paper, leather, fabric, and vegetables; a range of techniques and technologies, from diverse handcraft techniques to state of the art 3D printing and laser cutting; and most importantly, a wide range of forms.


Much of my fascination is in creating interactive pieces that allow a dialog with the wearer, such as puzzles, toys, and reconfigurable pieces. I view jewelry as an interactive art form, sculptures that call the wearers to touch and explore. This viewpoint opens up for me infinite possibilities and it changes the rules of jewelry design; the precious jewelry becomes a toy and the wearer gets a role in the game.


As M.C. Escher once said:

“My work is a game, a very serious game”
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